New Clients:

If you are interested in a proposal, please schedule a call by clicking on the links below.

Current Clients Or Employees:

Administrators / HR Teams

Contact your Senior Client Advisor directly by phone or email You can also submit a support ticket here:

Employees / Family Members

Option 1 - Enrolling In Benefits (New Hire / Open Enrollment)

If you are a new hire or in Open Enrollment, call the Kennion Benefits Enrollment Center 1-833-614-1622 to enroll in your benefits or make changes. You can also enroll online using the instructions provided to you by your employer.

Option 2 - Help With Existing Benefits

Once you have enrolled in your employee benefits by phone or through our Online Enrollment Platform, you can download and use our Employee Benefits App. If you need help with your existing benefits or app, please call (877) 500-3212. Using the Employee Benefits App is the preferred method of accessing our service. You’ll have access to all your up to date benefits within your benefits wallet, year after year. You’ll also be able to conduct video consultations with medical providers (required by some states for online visits) right within the app. You’ll have historical access to all your chat logs and inbox cards, for a more transparent look at your usage. You can also make requests 24 hours a day when our live concierge desk is closed and have your request answered first in the queue. In these days of an on-demand world, our app is the ideal experience. If you don’t have a smartphone or for complicated issues, we encourage you to give us a call during live concierge hours.


(877) 500-3212

Mon – Fri

7:30 AM – 12:00 AM CST

Sat – Sun

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM CST

The Employee Benefits App and concierge support is only available to select clients and their employees who are actively enrolled in certain group health plans managed by Kennion. To access the Employee Benefits App for all benefits, you must be enrolled in a group health plan at your company. Eligible employees will receive notification by email and text with instructions for signing up for the Benefits App when eligible. For more information, email