Employee Benefits Insurance

Employee Benefits Insurance

Kennion Benefit Advisors is dedicated to helping employers in Alabama improve their employee benefits and save on costs. Our team of expert insurance brokers has over 40 years of experience in the industry and is committed to providing customized and comprehensive employee benefits insurance solutions.

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As a full-service insurance brokerage, we offer a wide range of employee benefits insurance options, including group health, dental, vision, life, disability, and more. Our goal is to help employers create a comprehensive benefits package that meets the unique needs of their employees.

We understand that traditional employee benefits can be complex and overwhelming, especially for small businesses. That's why we offer innovative technology and streamlined administration services to make it easier for employers to manage their benefits. With our benefits app, employees can access their benefits information anytime, anywhere, and our consolidated billing solution simplifies the payment process.

At Kennion Benefit Advisors, we are committed to providing superior customer service and support. Our team is always available to answer any questions and help employers navigate the benefits landscape. Whether you're looking to enroll in a new benefits plan or make changes to your existing coverage, we are here to help.

Don't settle for cookie-cutter benefits solutions or outdated carriers. Choose Kennion Benefit Advisors for expert, customized employee benefits insurance in Alabama. Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about our services.